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US Military Veterans Village Foundation BBQ Blast!

Sunday, Mar 15, 2020 at 11:00AM - 4:00PM

Okeechobee Shooting Sports

  • Mar 2020

    15 Sun


  • Mar 2020

    15 Sun


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US Military Veterans Village Foundation BBQ Blast!

Sunday, Mar 15, 2020 at 11:00AM - 4:00PM

Okeechobee, FL , United States of America

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A day of shooting events, exhibits and food in support of US Military Veterans Village Foundation project to provide training and jobs for our honorable veterans. Hosted and Sponsored by Okeechobee Shooting Sports.


$35 Registration includes:

* BBQ Food

* Military Equipment and Vehicle Exhibit

* Exhibits


Fundraising Activities:
* Team Shooting Competitions Led by Special Operations Personnel

* Handgun and Rifle Individual Competitions

* Paint-gun Canvas Painting

* Blast the Object Challenge

* Raffles


Open to ages 16 and over.



  1. Paintball art-use a paintball gun on a canvas to make your own art (cost of paintballs and canvas extra)  
  2. Airsoft gun at various targets (just for fun) (cost for airsoft pellets extra) 
  3. 200 yard gun range with various targets for fun and training (cost for targets, ammunition and gun rental extra) 
  4. 100 yard exploding target venue –additional  charge per round/plus gun rental, if necessary  (a car with explosive charges hidden in it) 

    Several exploding targets 

    Miscellaneous fun targets (full plastic water bottles, watermelons, bowling pins, stationary metal targets, etc.)  

  5. The Main range will be open for Pistol and Rifle use (standard usage rates apply) 



Registration for Team Competition will place you on a five person team with a Special Ops Captain. 

Rules for team competition events

  1. Participants will present their weapons to the Station Safety Officer(s) unloaded, action open, magazine will be loaded with appropriate number of rounds only at this time. 
  2. The timing will be activated on the GO command, participant will proceed to the shooting position, load the weapon and commence firing at the targets.  
  3. Finish firing, clear weapon action open, mag removed. Proceed to exit point, stop timing device. 

Points awarded for hits completely in the scoring ring (hits touching a line will be scored as points of lower scoring ring). 


Challenges include:  

Station 1 – Pistol (9mm semi-auto) on 7 steel knockdown targets (8rds) 

Station 2 – Rifle (AR.223/5.56 type) on 7 steel knockdown targets (8rds) 


Station 3 – Rifle (AR .223/5.56 type) on 4 paper targets 25, 50, 75, 100yds, 3rds on  each target (12rds)


Station 4– Pistol (9mm semi-auto) & Rifle (AR .223/5.56 style) shoot and move to next firing position on separate targets. 

Pistol – 2 mags, 3 rounds ea.        Rifle – 2 mags, 3 rounds  ---- 1 mag, 8 rounds 1st Position – Pistol on silhouette target (3rds), move to next position. 


2nd Position – Rifle on bullseye target (3rds), move to next position. 


3rd Position – 1) Pistol on bullseye target (3rds) on right side; (2) Rifle on bullseye target (3rds) straight ahead, and silhouette target (3rds) on far right corner angle. 


4th Position – Obstacles with 2 targets behind it, 4rds/ea (8rds)  








For info, to become an exhibitor, sponsor, or donate to our raffle, contact us at or (561) 372-5768

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